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Membership Committee Support Position

Chairperson - Donna Lewis 
Secretary - Carolyn Sulima 
Book Club - Dottie Meyers 
Bulletin Boards - Rosemary Pitts 
Email to Members - Alan Zirkle / Jack Sulima 
Information Center (Classroom White Board) - Alan Zirkle 
Master Data Base/Mailing Labels - Jack Sulima/Alan Zirkle 
Membership Roster - Alan Zirkle/Jack Sulima 
Name Tags - Mike Deabler 
New Member Packets - Leila Davis 
Newsletter - Gail Oakes 
Outreach/Art of Aging - Peggy Verdine/Susanne Lazanov/Mike Deabler 
Phone Notifications - Sherrill Bartholomew 
Remembrances - Susanne Lazanov 
Social Coordinators - Eugenia Jones/ Carolyn Sulima 
Catering Contact for General Membership Meetings - Peggy Verdine 
Social Media (Facebook) - Keith Morgenheim 
UMW Contact - Judy Crissman 
Voice Mail Monitor - Connie Brady 
   - - Chuck Watkins (all pages other than Curriculum)
   - - Alan Zirkle (Curiculum pages including Schedule)