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ElderStudy Annual Cycle of Activities


  • Financial and Membership Year begins September 1
  • Fall Programs begin
  • Board of Directors Meeting (first Wednesday): Committee and Treasurer's Reports
  • Plan for Annual Audit
  • Newly elected Directors and Officers begin their terms-in-office


  • General Membership Meeting (third Wednesday): Reports by Board and Committees
  • Newsletter (with mid-September membership roster and Fall social details)


  • Committee Meetings (time and place set by committees)


  • Board of Directors Meeting (first Wednesday): Committee and Treasurer's Reports
  • Decision on BLS Scholarship
  • Report of Annual Audit
  • Newsletter (includes Spring Semester program)
  • Nominating Committee publicizes call for nominations for March election of new Directors
  • Fall Social [held in early December]
  • Fall Programs completed


  • Treasurer files past year electronic tax return by January 15th
  • Spring Programs begin


  • Committee Meetings (time and place set by committees)
  • Newsletter (includes candidate biographies for election of Directors in March and call for book suggestions for next year's Book Group)
  • Election materials distributed not-later-than February 28th


  • Board of Directors Meeting (first Wednesday): Committee and Treasurer's Reports
  • General Membership Meeting (third Wednesday): Election of three directors for 3-year terms beginning in September, with reports by Board and Committees
  • Nominating Committee begins to identify Officers for the next year; report due June BoD
  • Committees begin preparation of budgets for the next financial year; inputs due to Admin NLT April 28
  • Committees Review and Submit Changes to their Policy & Procedures Documents; inputs due to Admin NLT May 1


  • Newsletter includes Board election results and Spring social details


  • Committee meetings (time and place set by Committees)
  • Administration Committee develops recommended budget & membership fees for next year
  • Spring Luncheon [held in mid-May] 
  • Spring Programs completed
  • ElderStudy property in CLL secured as needed


  • Board of Directors Meeting (first Wednesday):  Election of Officers, Naming of Committee Chairpersons, Approval of budget for next year, Decisions on fees and excess funds


  • Transition period for current & elected board members and current & new officers; no Programs

    • Financial and Membership Year ends August 31
    • Committee Meetings to prepare for September Board Meeting
    • Newsletter (includes Fall Semester Program, membership renewal forms, & budget for next year)